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Erika Iris Simmons- uses found/donated materials such as cassette and video tapes and old books. Nice choice of medium to help communicate message.

Mark Ryden- For those of you that are into cartoons, here is an artist that has taken it into the realm of painting. Sweet but gory at the same time.

Check out this cool animation all done with individual sketches!

amazing Ukrainian sand artist who tells the history of her country in this performance art piece.

In action (Kseniya Simonova)

In action (Kseniya Simonova)


Liu Bolin- The invisible man

Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin


Julian Beever- British side walk chalk illusion artist




See him in action 

"Valentine"by Muniz made of sugar (

Valeintine by Muniz made of sugar


Click here to see Vik Muniz video at (minutes 5:20 onwards includes art examples) Vik Muniz is a mixed media artist from Brazil. He makes fascinating pieces from a wide variety of materials including sugar, yarn, chocolate, and clouds. The choice of material is almost never random. For example the life-like sugar portraits are portraits of children of sugar plantation workers in the Caribbean.


In case you are having trouble with research, finding artists or just want some inspiration, here are a few websites worth checking out;

Surrealism although this site does not have much factual information on the artists it is a great site to see lots of 21 century surrealists artists work. Definitely worth checking out!


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