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Unit 4- Organic Pottery

We’ve  done printmaking, canvas painting, a  large scale mural… now its time to delve a bit into the 3D- with some hand-built pottery. Ceramics are one of the oldest arts and people were making pots well beyond the invention of the potters wheel. Hand-building allows for unique, original, and organic shapes.

extended pinch pot (student of Ms. Komando)

coil pot

another benefit of hand-building is that you could (should you want to) embed objects like shells or twigs.

Our biggest challenge/obstacle will be the dry Mongolian weather!

For homework do a bit of research on the history of pottery. Here are some sites that may be of use;

In process


trying so hard to make it perfect

obstacles and disasters are all part of art...

smoothing it out

“…One of the things we had to keep in mind was the dry air conditions in Mongolia which was one of the main reasons of collapse of my pottery. I have learned that you have to consider the weight of the pot you are making…in my opinion 3D is much more fun than working in 2D. In 3D works such as sculptures and potteries you can actually touch and feel it with your hands”- Yea Jun

” What I really like (about Min Jaes pot) is that he tried so many times and failed, yet he never gave up, he wouldn’t even stress over it, just laugh or smile and start all over again, and he was satisfied finally. That’s what I call success.” -Namuun

“Things to keep in mind; 1) make reasonable designs, 2) Don’t think to fancy, 3) You dont need to make it perfect”- Rebekah

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