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Unit 3 take 2- France en Mongolie

How does art change and effect our environment?

Grade 9 noticed how bare many of the rooms in our school are and came up with the suggestion of transforming the spaces with art. With an idea like that how could Ms Berg and I resist but change what we had planned for unit 3. We are going to start by transforming the French room. This is an excellent opportunity to not only learn about the architecture and art of France but also make a real change to our own environment.

Brainstorm and begin thinking of what we want to put on the four walls. We have divided into 4 groups for the 4 walls; french architecture, street-side cafes, the louvre and french graffiti, and finally the alps and french countryside.

For homework choose 2 french artists to learn more about. See handout.  You may choose any artist but here are some suggestions of well know Frenchies that I covered in class;

Mark Chagall


Edgar Degas


Robert Delaunay


Paul Gauguin


Marcel Duchamp


Claude Monet


Berthe Morisot


Georges Seurat



working out the designs


congratulations! The sketches (with minor adjustments) have been approved by Mr. Rayl, Ms Hanselmann, Ms Sudra and Ms. Berg. Time to start on the walls!

new friends



the hallway before the transformation


AFTER- Tadaa!!!

“However, no matter how hard or challenging the unit was; it has changed the hallway space in an amazing way I never could’ve imagined. Now when I think back to the days when the hallway wasn’t painted, I wonder, “How did we live with that white empty wall?” So I guess I am proud to say that art has the magic to make everything alive again. Because of what our 9th grade did to that hallway, that great space will never be the same again. During the process, there were times when I wanted to throw myself out a window, but the overall result, and not just our walll but our class’ wall, look exquisite. I am surprised to say that if I were to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing, because the problems we’ve expreinced, and how new the whole thing was, kept us involved in the project, physically and emotionally.”- Tsolmon

“If I were to do it again I would love to draw the walls of the music room with different eras and genres of music and I can imagine the early Beatles and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart somewhere in those walls.”- Udee

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