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Unit 3- Shapes in the Environment

This project is a photogrpahy project. Let me know if you do not have a way of taking pictures and we will discuss an alternative way of doing this project. I prefer you use a digital camera rather than a phone as the quality is better.

Part of being an artist is observing and noticing the world around you. Your assignment is to choose one shape or type of line to look for in your surroundings. Take pictures anytime you see that shape. Circles and squares are the easiest, so if you choose one of these make sure the pictures are interesting enough (I would encourage you to choose something harder). Here are some examples of shapes/lines you may look for.


repeated straight line (steps, zebra crossing)

swirl (snail, fingerprint, design on ger furniture)

two circles (glasses, bycicle)

triangle (toblerone,)



circle inside a circle (eyes, tea cup and saucer from above)

Shape– an area enclosed by lines.

Line- is a connection between two points. In art lines can be made with a pen or brush or they can happen naturally as an edge where two objects meet.

The pictures should be as varied as possible. Some close up and some further away. Some natural objects some man made. Indoors/outdoors etc etc.

 I want you to e-mail me your 12 best images by Monday Nov 16. Please e-mail low resolution files but keep the high resolution to hand in to me on a thumb-drive once school resumes.

 If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask

Example- ZIG ZAG




tiles in floor



hot dog

hot dog


edge of leaf




napkin fold



pointy shoes

pointy shoes


parting in hair

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