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Unit 1-Printmaking continued


In this unit we are going to learn two different printmaking techniques; stenciling and linoleum prints. We have made stencil prints and  now we will make linoleum prints which is a type of relief print. Sn some ways these are opposite. In our stencils it was the cut away areas that printed. With relief prints it is the cut area that remains white/unprinted.

Start researching horoscope/star sign. This can be western, Chinese or Mongolian zodiac. For next class do research and bring in reference material to help with your sketches. See handout


In class make three sketches for your horoscope, one of which will be used as a guide for your final linoleum cut.


Click here for a website with more information on woodcut prints. Woodcut/woodblock printing is the same process as we are doing, only we are using a softer material called linoleum which is easier to carve. The tools are still very sharp and safety is important. Make sure to cut away from your body at all times and not place your hand in front of the tools to hold the lino in place. 

Recording the process of your artwork is a big part of your Criteria B- (Application) grade and an important habit to get into as an artist. Throughout this project you should take notes and record your process. This includes your research and sketches. Make process prints and take notes as we go along. This will not only help you remember what you did but also allow you to make decisions on which parts need further carving.



Printing station in action

Hard at work

Hard at work

Have fun and experiment with your linoleum prints- this is the beauty of printmaking! Try at least one black and white, one color, and one off-set print. Hand in your favorite four prints. See rubric



Haram (Sagittarius)


YeaJun (year of the dog)


Udi (Capricorn)


Jill (year of the pig)


Evgenii (Pisces)


Erdenebat (scorpio)


Aista (cancer)



HaYoung (Pisces)


Khalliun (Taurus)


Mike (Cancer)


Namuun (birth flower: lily)


Tsolmon (Birth flower: snow drop)


Reeza (year of the pig)

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