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Unit 4- Trash Art

This is a photojournalism project called What the World Eats done by Peter Menzel comparing what different families around the world eat in one week. The difference in what is consumed by one family is striking, but just as striking is the difference of what will be disposed





See more at TIME

In class we watched videos on two inspirational projects with rubbish/recycled material


Pictures of garbage by Vik Muniz


Art of Guns

More articles about these projects that may be of interest

As a class we have decided to collect all of ISU’s trash for one week. This will not only supply us with material for our art projects but will also help raise awareness in our community. It will require a lot of planning… here is the breakdown of each of the duties that we came up with in class. Student responsibilities

preparing the bins



Since we are doing a trash collection project it is important to see where most of our trash in UB goes. For homework I would like you to write a descriptive piece as to what you saw. Write it in a way that someone who has never been could imagine in. See handout

Gr 8 at the landfill


“With the clear, blue sky, mountains surrounding us and the sun radiantly shining above- a beautiful crisp Tuesday morning- it was hard to imagine that we were at a landfill. The weather was frigid but this didn’t stop these Mongolians, out to gather trash, from getting their share today. …. When we got to the old landfill we noticed that what we were standing was in reality layers upon layers of garbage not earth as we though it was. The only remaining evidence that is was a landfill, were pipe-like chimneys. These chimneys emit toxic chemicals from the trash beneath them.”- Tiffany

filling through for anything useful


“It was very pitiful and I got very angry that the government can’t help these people, and also banned them from living there! How could they try to hide the poverty and low life of Mongolia. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw 3 frozen dogs. 2 of them had been stripped that was edible and all the bones were picked clean. Well at least someone was happy there, whole flocks of many kinds of birds, especially ravens.” –Sodbileg

handing out hats and scarves


amongst it all humanity


“I felt guilty about the amount of trash that’s just piled up, waiting to disintegrate. Bandi said he doesn’t feel so terrible because his trash does benefit some people. Tat got me thinking that well, sure people are benefitting from the bottle but they shouldn’t be there in the first place (both the bottles and the people.) I hope ISU continues what 8th grade has started.” – Vanessa

another truck comes in


“It was very competitive, and then people wanted to find a lot of what they were looking for, fast. When the truck came, most of the people ran towards the truck, climbed up and started searching the spot, all before the truck had dropped off the trash, while the others guarded their bags.”- Bandi

skinned dogs


a source of income


“I stepped on things I didn’t even know people threw away like a keyboard and rabbits. Then I saw hungry and  extremely poor people sprinting and fighting for the best garbage that just got offloaded by a trash truck…. I felt that we should really re-use and help those who have to live with that everyday, we just always forget, BUT WE MUST NEVER FORGET THAT WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.”- Mathias 


Life magazine photo from 1955 celebrating "throwaway living"- no more dishes!!!! but what about the consequences?!!


FINAL PIECES (camera died, my apologies this is not complete)

dress made of paper- Aha young and Soe E


wave of woven plastic bags- Theresa


Garbage collector- Jun Woo and Vanessa


plastic cup wall- Khristian and Khubilai


Tree of paper- by Bandi, Purevbat, and Tadas

guitar by Sung Eun


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