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Unit 3- Art History

How can I present to others what I know about art history in a creative way?

Due to H1N1 learning will have to take place from home. This is an excellent opportunity to spend some time with art history and learning about those artists that came before us.

You have been randomly assigned a period in Art. Your job is to make a poster and teach the rest of us the key points of that time/style. See handout.

As a final piece each of you will choose one well-known artists style and work to decorate one of our art-room stools. You may choose from the list of artists below (I will share them with you in class) or if there is a different artist you absolutely love feel free to come talk to me. You must consider both the top and legs of the chair. The image can either be a reproduction or close-up of the artist’s work or your own creation influenced by his/her work. Enjoy and lets make chairs we are proud of! See handout

Henri Matisse Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock Van Gogh, Monet Andy Warhol, Georgia O’keefe Paul Gauguin, Edward Munch Gustav Klimt, Pablo Picasso Seurat, Frida Kahlo Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein Frank Stella, Salvador Dali Chuck Close, MC Escher Josef Albers, Paul Klee Marc Chagall, Fernando Botero, Keith Haring


sanding down the stools to prepare for painting

still sanding...

In class work out a plan for your stool based on the artist you studied. You must make a plan for the top of the stool and the legs (even if the legs will just be one color). Once your sketch is approved you may begin working on the stool.

painting time

The chairs are complete and beautiful! Brings so much color, joy and creativity into the art room. Thank you.

Click here for reflection handout


Escher by Bandi

Van Gogh by Justine

Mondrian by Mathias

Chagall by Teresa

Warhol by Misheel

Margritte by Jun Woo

Rothko by Ian

Klimt by Soe E

Cezanne by Sodbileg

by Andudari

By Anudari

Picasso by Vanessa

Haring by Tse Tse

Elsworth by Taejun

Albers by Tadas

Matisse by Seung Eun

matisse by Seung Eun

Pollock by Purevbat

Klee by Pulee

Roussou by Kristian

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