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Unit 2- Important

How does our culture and upbringing influence our values?

Class discussion on values based off HSBC campaign.

see more at HSBC


For homework brainstorm what comes to mind with the word “Important”. What influences these values? is it family? upbringing? age? culture? See handout and rubric.


Music by Jun Woo

“Music is very important to me. It makes me feel relaxed, excited, sad and happy. Music is emotional. It creates my feeling. It changes people, I think. Every time I feel bad because of test or something like that, I go listen to music. I like variety of music. I don’t care if it is classic, rock, ballad, or pop; if it is good to listen I love it. I love music so much also because I am from Korea. Koreans listen to music a lot and Korea has lots of popular singers in Asia. My parents, since I was young, used to play classical music video and made me to listen. When I really became to like music was when I was in 5th grade. Friends requested and suggested to listen and offered their favorite songs to me. Family and friend mostly influenced.” Jun Woo

Culture by Tiffany

“Being a TCK (third culture kid), culture is very important to me. I have been exposed to a variety of nationalities and so I do not only have one culture but a mix of many. From each country that I have lived in then moved away, a little part of their culture has come with me and woven into mine.  Throughout my entire life, I have been discovering and learning about different cultures. The flag of each country reminds me of their country’s customs and cultures. Each flag is important to me because of the memories I have from these countries.” -Tiffany

Sung Eun Korea

“My important thing image is good for other country and I think my country South Korea is the best in the world because it is comfortable to me. And my country culture is polite to each other and my country is the best at the part of IT. It is important to me because it is my country. And it is important to other Koreans because it is our country. Country has many influenced things. Country influenced culture, a way of thinking and acting. My country is influenced that value is culture and nationality. My country is influenced culture so it is value and I’m Korean so it is valuable think to me.” -Sung Eun

Education by Bandi

” I consider school/education as important, because having knowledge means that you have a decent job and an important role in society. School also instills many important values and traits one needs in order to have a successful life. Therefore, I believe school is an integral part of life, and is essential if someone is to have a good life, both socially and economically. I think my family influenced me to think in this way, as they punished me when I did not get good grades, and taught me new things even when I was very young (three and four). My culture, like most cultures, values wisdom – also influencing me partially. Competition from other students also made me think more about school and how important it is, which eventually made me appreciate school.”- Bandi

Music by Teresa

“Music has always been a great passion to me. It’s important to me because music has given me a way toe express myself, my feelings and my thoughts. Music is a powerful way of expressing yourself and getting yourself heard. Music can make you cry, laugh, and shout. I play the piano so that’s why I also like music. What influences me in this value are probably family, culture, and age. My mom first asked me if I wanted to play piano and I was willing to. In my culture there are also some great composers. My age influences me to like music so I can deal with my complicated feelings.” -Teresa

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