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Unit 3- Exaggerated expressions

What art style can help me best convey a mood or emotion?

Artwork below by Munch, Picasso, Rothko, and Pollock respectively

As a class we looked at several famous artworks and discussed what mood the piece gave us? How did the artist achieve this? Was it through subject matter? color? shape? brush strokes? etc…

For homework choose one art piece, any art piece, and in your workbook discuss how it makes you feel or what mood the piece has. In detail describe how the artist achieve this? Be sure to discuss the elements of art. See handout

possible moods to convey in your piece; scared, angry, happy, sad, sly, nervous, confused, 

Choose one emotion from the ones we brainstormed in class or another one you have thought of since then. You will be doing 2 pieces to convey this mood/emotion. One in realistic style and one abstract. We will start with realism in the form of a pencil drawing based on a photograph.

In class- Basic shading and scaling exercises. See handout

start on self portrait in exagerrated expression using a grid and photograph. The style for this piece is realism and using pencil and paper we will make is as realistic as we can.

Now that you have tried to convey your emotion using realism, its time to try abstraction.

First brainstorm the elements art. Think of your emotion- what color is it? warm or cool? What value? Dark or light? What type of lines remind you of your emotion? swirly, jagged or straight? What shapes? organic, geometric? what is the texture like? is it symmetrical? etc.

testing out drips

applying texture


putting the pieces together


come up with 3 color sketches for your abstract piece. Once you are ready begin building up the texture of your piece using cardboard, paper towel, burlap and toilet paper. Then move on to painting. The final step is to varnish the piece.


surprised by you jin


crazy by Sameen


confused by Khaliun


bored by Joren


dreamy by Kalli


sad by Hye Rin


thinking by Davaa


angry by Bolor


annoyed by Nandin


crazy by Mady


sly by Hannah


thinking by Amaraa

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