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Unit 1-Pop Learner Profiles

How can we communicate the learner profile through pop art? In this unit we will be making learner profile cartoons influenced by the work of artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Learner profiles were randomly selected from a hat. In groups help each other come up with definitions and scenarios where your learner profile comes into action.

Research the work of artist Roy Lichtenstein and a cartoon of your choice. See handout.

by Roy Lichtenstein

by Roy Lichtenstein

Picture 6

By roy lichtenstein

Picture 4

By Roy Lichtenstein

 Now that you have researched cartoons it is time to make one of your own. Come up with 5 different sketches of a one-frame cartoon of your learner profiles.


Choose the best sketch in order to develop into a final using tempera paint. Remember cartoons don’t have to be realistic. You should use bold colors and thick black line.

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