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Unit 2-Monsters and Creatures

Surrealism is a type of art where artists draw fantasy and unreal scenarios and beings. It is very imaginative and creative.

Surrealist artists played games together in order to help them with their creativity and think of new things. In class we played 2 of these Surrealist  games.

doodle game- one person does a scribble on their paper, we rotate chairs and try and make something out of the doodle

exquisite corpse- work together to create new creatures and monsters. One person draws the head, fold it over (so next person doesn’t see) the next person draws the body, folds over the paper and the last person draws the feet. Now open them up and let’s reveal the creatures we created!

24135Reflection on activity and games;

What did you like best/least about this activity? Did the exquisite corpse/doodle you worked on turn out as you expected? Why or why not? Do you think working together can help us be more creative? Why or why not? How does working together push our boundaries? How can games such as these help our creativity?

Now that you have worked together to create fantastical creatures, use these to inspire your own monsters/creatures

For homework come up with sketches/ideas for three creatures. See handouts one and two.

Artists also use pieces of creatures that already exist to come up with new imaginary creatures. Which parts of these monsters do you recognize in other animals?


Alebrijes are Mexican folk-art sculptures from the town of Oaxaca. They are very colorful and covered all over with patterns. They are made from paper mache or wood. Pedro Linares is the artist that first started making these fantastical creatures with wings, horns, tails and scary eyes. He got the ideas from his dreams when he got sick. view handout




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