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Unit 4- Illustration

This unit is a unit in conjunction with our very creative young authors in gr 2. They wrote stories and gr 10 is illustrating them.


we paid a visit to gr 2 in order for them to read us their stories.

Edward Gorey- as his name suggests he has quite a gorey sense of humor. Very detailed pen and ink style. Gashlycrumb

Chris Van Allsberg- renown childrens books such as Jumanji, Polar express and The sweetest fig. He has a pretty realistic style.

Norman Rockwell

Quinten Blake- illustrated 

Maurice Sendak- most known for Where the wild things are a childrens’ book that has remained popular through many generations

Even though we are illustrating childrens books, it is important to remember that illustrators do a lot more than just that. Illustration covers artwork done for books, magazines, CD’s, posters and much more.

In process

Sketching it out

Setting up for Sarahs 3D image


By Ha Young Ra


“Mammals with no hair”

Along time ago mammals had no hair. They were cold    because they didn’t have hair they decided to steal some hair from sea animals. Sea animals had hair at that time. The mammals sneaked up on the sea animals when the sea animals came to land food! Then the mammals set a trap for them. The set out coconuts which were sticky to trap the sea animals. The mammals took a sharp piece of wood and scraped all the hair off the sea animals. They got some sticky stuff. Pineapples! They got the juice from the pineapples and put it on their skin and then they put the stolen on themselves. Then they were warm and the sea creatures froze and the sea and turned to ice. And then the ice age came. New mammals came. They had hair.

It didn’t feel good to have no hair. They would turn to ice every winter. They put their hands on their heads because they were so cold. It was no good.

By Subeedei Cashell 

By Sung Kyu Oh


I wonder if cats ruled Egypt

     One day I went to I went to cats that ruled Egypt it said cats use to rule Egypt making people build giant status or giant tunnels  and  used  people as litter boxes until  people  found  dogs  the  dogs  got  rid  of  the cats and  people  ruled  Egypt  again. 

                                 THE   END.      

by Binderya


Why do people kill animals?

 Friends and I went to South Africa for discovering wildlife. The next day there was a bad guy and we quietly followed him. He was where the lions were. Then he took out a gun. When the lion open his mouth the bad guy shot in the lion’s mouth just for fun. Then the bad guy went to a cave and ate some fish. In the meanwhile ran to the city as fast as we could until we got to the police station. We told policeman what happened then we went back to   We back to the wildlife. We told were the bad guy was then the police sent   him to jail. The next day we went back home.

The end

By sarah fellay


To Space and Away

Once upon a time three friends were having a sleepover. Their names were Mark, Matthew and Darius. They lived in the U.S.A. Darius said have you ever wondered about space? Matthew said only the moon. Mark said nothing. In the morning they ate blueberry pancakes played Wii, played Lego’s. Then it was time for Darius to go home. They said goodbye, Darius left the house. Darius, build Rocket he worked for one year till it was done. Mark, Matthew and Darius had another sleepover Mark said Darius we are going to the moon. Matthew said yippy that is for me. Mark said OK. But Matthew said how are we going to get there? Darius said rocket launcher. They all of them got in. put on seat belts and the countdown began 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ka paw the rocket was off to the moon. Aaahhhh said Mark oh did I mention hold on said Darius. Matthew said do you know which way

Aaaaaaahhhhh I forgot the space map, we are dead said Darius. Then they saw mars Mr. Mars] and asked him witch way to go. Left said mars. Then they saw Saturn [Mr. Saturn] and asked him which way.  Right said Saturn. Aw it is so hot said Mark. Aaahh, pull the brake’s. Mark pulled the brakes; they asked the sun which way to go. Yippy I see the moon said Mark. They stayed for one hour. What an Adventure said Darius.

The end  

By Sugarmaa



In gr2 Gabriela had a new puppy. I came back home from school and said,   “Where is my new puppy?”   My Mom said, “She is coming tomorrow.”    When I got my puppy there was trouble.    I didn’t know how to take care of a puppy!   I gave her the wrong food.   I chased the puppy.    I used her like a toy. My puppy was sad because I did the wrong things. I saw her face. I asked my mom how to take care of puppy. My mom said what to do. I asked my friend to help me to learn to take care of a puppy. I gave her the right food. I trained her to do tricks. I trained her to sit and I trained her to dance. I showed her a treat and then she started to do the right things. I gave her a walk so she could go to the bathroom. She needs the walk to exercise. I gave her a bath so she want stink. My funny feels good. She is excited. I feel happy because I know how to take care of puppy!                                                    

By Gaby

By Urangoo


Little Puffy

Little Puffy was late for school. Because he woke up late. His mom was asleep too.  Little Puffy lost his Bus and his way. He went to sleep on the grass. When he  woke up  he  had  lost  his  backpack  and he  went  to  find  it.  He  went  to  the  shop  and the  backpack  wasn’t  there  Little  Puffy  went to  find  his  backpack  but  it  was  12 O’clock.  He  went to  the  park  and  the  backpack was  there  and  he  was  going  home  he  found  his  mom they went home.

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  1. Khulan permalink
    March 23, 2010 10:31 am

    Norman Rockwell, i like his style.

  2. isuarts permalink*
    March 24, 2010 1:07 pm

    i had a feeling you would. he would be a great guy for you to look into as all his characters are very animated and real individuals. see you when i get back. cheers from hot manila

  3. Khulan permalink
    May 25, 2010 2:08 pm

    Sarah’s illustration looks amazing!

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