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Unit 3- Product Design

Artists not only paint and draw pieces of fine art to be hung in galleries, but do a lot of vital practical work as well to help enhance our lives. Many of our everyday items such as our jewelry, clothes, and food packaging were designed by artists somewhere in the world for consumer use. 

Ms Sudra has just won the lottery and wants to invest her money $$$ in the manufacturing and sale of a new product. The problem is she is not very creative. This is a call to young designers, artists and entrepreneurs to make models of  their product and present a sales pitch for  her investment. You are one of these people- 

for the next project I would like you to design an everyday product. 

 Think of something that is feasible to do in art class (no power tools) and what materials you could bring in or have available here.  Come talk to me if you have ideas and want input as to what materials may make it possible. Think if you would like to do something in 3D or 2D and how you would go about doing it.

Here are some ideas. Feel free to choose from the ones below or come up with a different one. It is always good to come up with several options before narrowing down.

2D– stationary (letter paper and envelopes), postage stamps, CD cover, wrapping paper, children’s coloring book, birthday cards, 

 3D– shoe, lamp, quilt, pillow, hat, jewelry, chair, clock, bowl

 Your final piece should be the product, along with a poster advertising the product that you will present to us in the form of a sales pitch.

 You will have 5 weeks ( 10 classes) to work on this project. This is subject to change

 What is out there? How is yours different? Who is your consumer? Why should I invest in it.

 Have Fun with it!

Designers do a great deal of research prior and while designing their products. Not only do they research what their target audieneces’ interests and tastes are, but they also do some background research on their product and what is already out there on the market. See research assignmnet

You will also be creating an advertisement for your product. In order to start thinking about it I would like you to find 1 good add and 1 bad add. Write one paragraph for each on what works and what doesn’t.



Stuffed animal design by Sarah Fellay


Seasonal sock design by Temuulen


Trendy Yarmulkes by Brooke


Evil doll design by Kyu

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