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Unit 2-Figure in the Evironment

Human figure drawing is huge challenge for many artists of all ages and skills. Capturing the body in all its different forms and poses can be an endless pursuit, yet the more familiar we become with it the easier it becomes.

Session 1; 2 five min poses, 2 ten minute poses, 1 twenty min pose. (HWK 2 more poses one short, one longer)

Session 2; 2 five min poses, 1 ten min pose, 1 twenty min pose.

Session 3; 

Choice of media; Charcoal or pencil on paper. Chalk on black paper




Research one contemporary artist and one artist from history that incorporates figures into their work. See handout

I greatly encourage you to research artists that interest you personally, but incase you are stuck here is a list of some artists that may capture your interest (some of which you have seen in the class slide show). 


Contemporary artists; Olbinski, Liu Bolin, Kehinde Wiley, Lucian Freud, Duane Hanson (dead but still contemporary)




Kehinde wiley

Kehinde wiley


Artists from history; Degas, Mattise, Mucha, Andrea Mantegna, Leonarda da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo







Choose one of the poses from class (or home) and do three different sketches incorporating the figure into different environments. How does the background change the story of the image? See handout

Now choose one of those sketches to develop further. This will be turned into a final watercolor and/or color pencil drawing.



Due to H1N1 classes are temporarily suspended. Learning however shall continue

By now you should all have sketches that you are happy with and feel are ready to go to final. I believe it is important to have some class time to work on the final. This way I can give you feedback and answer any questions you may have. In addition many of you may not have the same materials at home as we have in school. Therefore we will postpone translating your sketches into finals and starting with watercolor for at least for one week.

This unfortunate situation gives us an opportunity to take a break and improve our figure drawing skills by focusing on a area that we all realized as a class we have trouble with. (mind you many artists do).

Yes you guessed it… hands and feet.

A) 3 hand studies (at least 2 should be on one page so they can interact)

B) A detailed study of a pair (or more) of feet

Please put time and care into your work. Make your drawings highly detailed and interesting. Consider the composition of the entire piece. These should not only be studies but artworks in themselves.  For example; What are the hands doing? What are they holding?

Here are some good examples of student work.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Also feel free to come in and borrow brown or black paper. Charcoal or chalk. Though pencil is also acceptable.



by Sarah

by Kyu

by Ha young


by Sonya

by Bilegt

by khaliun

by Jiri


by Uraango

by Temuulen

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