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Project 3- Art and …

Artists often combine art or make art about their other loves or interests. Art is not made in isolation but other subjects and areas of expertise affect, influence and inspire it.
The next project is to make 2 pieces that have to do with “Art and.. (your chosen topic) the pieces may be a series or two separate ways of approaching the same topic.
Each of you should research 2 artists that have chosen a similar theme/subject for their art. Even though their approach may be completely different.
Some examples are;

Art and science- Leonardo da vinci, Damien Hirst
Art and music- Kandisky

Art and movement- Degas,  Marcel Duchamp

Art and math (geomentry)-  MC Escher, Mondrian

Art and commercialism- Mimmo Rotella, Richard Hamilton, Andy Warhol

Art and dreams-Dali, Chagall, aboriginal art
Art and nature- Andy Goldsworthy, Monet (lilies, haystacks)

Art and religion- Michealangelo, Bhuddist Mandala and Tangkha

What will yours be?? Art and …




Art and war; the Orphans by Soo Yeon

Art and war by Soo Yeon



Art and Music; She makes music by Nandy


Speed of music by Nandy




Art and dream by Khulan


Art and nightmares by Khulan


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  1. khulan permalink
    December 2, 2009 10:19 am

    Art and Dream!

  2. isuarts permalink*
    December 2, 2009 2:10 pm

    Glad to see your checking the site. We missed you today. If your choosing art and dreams check out the grade 9 page on dreams and fantasies too as I have posted some artists there. William Blake is a great artist and poet whose dreams were realer to him than reality.

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