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Project 1- Autobiography

The first project is an autobiographical piece. There are many types of autobiographical pieces, such as traditional self portraits, narrative pieces, 

The choice of media, dimensions, and style is yours.














It is important to practice talking about your work and be able to discuss it objectively. The final exam in this DP course takes the form of a verbal interview with an examiner. For next Monday please prepare a 5-7 minute presentation about your autobiographical piece. Here are some points I would like you to cover;

* Since this is an autobiographical piece, what are you aiming to portray about yourself?

* What artists did you research to inform your work? Why? And how did they inform your work?

* Did you idea change and develop? How?

* Explain your choice of materials and techniques.

* What elements and principles are emphasized in this work? How do those choices impact the meaning?

* Describe the process you went through to create your work.

* What are your technical strengths? Areas you still need to work on?

* Did you learn anything from creating this piece? Did it lead to ideas for future work?

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  1. November 19, 2009 3:19 am

    Ms. Sudra~ I copied my artwork to paste it somewhere on my computer~!! That’s not a violation to private property,,,, is it???haha

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