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The diploma visual arts course consists of two parts; studio and investigation. At ISU we are currently doing standard level option A. This means 60% of the weight is on studio and 40% on investigation. Each student will keep an active investigative workbook throughout the year to support and compliment their studio work.


  • Respond to and analyze critically and contextually the function, meaning and artistic qualities of past, present and emerging art, using the specialist vocabulary of visual arts
  • Develop and present independent ideas and practice, and explain the connections between these and the work of others
  • Explore and develop ideas and techniques for studio work through integrated contextual study and first-hand observations
  • Develop and maintain a close relationship between investigation and a purposeful, creative process in studio work
  • Produce personally relevant works of art that reveal evidence of exploration of ideas that reflect cultural and historical awareness.
  • Develop and demonstrate technical competence and artistic qualities that challenge and extend personal boundaries (option A) and technical competence and self-direction (option B).


Here are the DP Visual Arts markbands in order to help you understand what is expected and achieve your best.

 -Investigation markbands .

 –Studio markbands.



Some of you have heard me talking about the good 50×70 poster contest. Anyone in the world can enter, and the posters chosen will be used for different charities. Since our latest project is a social/environmental commentary this may be of inspiration…Well, the competition is open. By looking at past years winners, they are looking for very graphic clean look. Entries are due this May/June. Come see me if you want more details or visit the website below. I am also attaching a link to this years briefs. Good luck!

Good 50×70 web site

2010 briefs (topics)




“Dream” 1981 oil on canvas- Amgaland D

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